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10 x 5 ft Fully Enclosure 1000w to 4000w IPG CAMFive Laser Fiber Metal Cutter JET105C

10 x 5 ft Fully Enclosure 1000w to 4000w IPG CAMFive Laser Fiber Metal Cutter JET105C

20 x 8 ft Fully Enclosed Pipe Cutter & Auto Sheet Exchange 3000w to 6000w IPG CAMFive Laser Fiber Metal Cutter JET208P

20 x 8 ft Fully Enclosed Pipe Cutter & Auto Sheet Exchange 3000w to 6000w IPG CAMFive Laser Fiber Metal Cutter JET208P

13 x 6 ft 1000 to 6000w IPG CAMFive Laser Fiber Metal Cutter FC136A For Steels and aluminum

 Our FC136A Advance Series includes: 

✔ 1000W to 6000W IPG-German or Raycus Fiber Source

✔ 1.0G to 1.5G Acceleration

✔ 13'' x 6'' ft Working Area

✔ Cypcut Professional Control Software

✔ Yaskawa Japanese Servo Motor System

✔ Industrial refrigerator Chiller

✔ 4.5kw Industrial Grade Blower

✔ Dinamic Raytools Autofocus Laser Head

✔ PC with Pre-Installed System

✔ On-Side Installation Option

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Our CAMFive Laser IPG or Raycus Source Metal Cutter Model FC136A Advance Series with 13x6' full sheet capacity is the fastest and cleanest way to cut metals like steel (stainless, mild, galvanized, mirror) brass, aluminum, and more, some of them up to 23 mm thick. It offers a stable and precise drive system with a Taiwanese brand transmission displacement axle, fast Japanese Yaskawa servo driving motors, and dynamic auto-focus.

Our lasers have been built under our CNC (Computerized Numerical Control) standards & tolerances, using strict manufacturing processes that guarantee maximum stability and minimum wear and tear of its components throughout its lifetime. Our machines can operate 24/7. It offers a stable and precise drive system with a Japanese brand displacement axle and accurate and fast step-driving motors. The optical system has an American brand lens that has been optimized for outstanding performance during cutting and engraving on different materials.


LASER SOURCE: 1000w to 6000w (IPG-German or Raycus ). 

WORKING AREA: 13 x 6' ft. Full Sheet capacity 

WORKTABLE: Specialized in Metals. Strong design.

OXYGEN-NITROGEN-AIR VALVE: This system features oxygen, nitrogen, and air valves to regulate the gas flow, a filtration system that prevents water and dirt molecules to reach the lens, a smart air/oxygen flow system, that allows you to control when the gas comes out and an oxygen pressure indicator to make sure you are getting the right pressure you need to keep the best quality when cutting metal.

AUTOFOCUS SYSTEM: Sometimes metal sheets are not completely flat. Our “Auto Focus” system is highly efficient and regulates the focus length controlled by a sensor on the laser head automatically. This sensor detects the gap between the nozzle and the material surface at all times. As the cutting process begins the sensor will track the contour of the metal and adjust the nozzle in the z-axis keeping a constant focus point assuring clean and polished edges.

JAPANESE SERVO MOTORS: High precision, detailed capacity, and speed are key elements to obtain the best quality when laser cutting, this is why CAMFive incorporates Japanese Mitsubishi or Yaskawa servo motors on the steel X and Y axis as well as digitally controlled Drivers. Servo technology is known for its high precision, smooth movements and the ability to operate without cogging at a high speed.

LCD MULTILANGUAGE OPERATING PANEL: User-friendly multilingual LCD Control Panel is incorporated as well as Potentiometers to regulate the laser output power, laser beam on/off button and keyed Security Lock-out switch.

“RACK & PINION" AXIS: It is a safe and fast movement system that delivers high precision and easy maintenance. Known as “Rack & Pinion”, this system travels smoothly on the gears at high speed reducing to “0” the chances for the machine to get out of phase. It is made with strict manufacturing processes that guarantee maximum stability with minimum wear and tear.

“USB” INTERFACE CONEXION PORTS: USB connection panel. The machine comes with a USB input port for flash drives that allows you to load files into the internal memory and USB/Printer port (connection cable included) to connect it directly to a PC.

SAFETY FEATURES SUCH AS DOOR SENSORS, EMERGENCY STOP BUTTON: Door sensors to stop the laser beam automatically. Our laser machines are equipped with security sensors and safety features disabling the equipment in case of inappropriate use or unsafe operational conditions. Emergency Stop Button gives the machine operator the ability to IMMEDIATELY and completely shut down the entire machine in case of a problem or any event. The safety turn on Key feature prevents unauthorized use or operation of the laser machine, allowing only approved operators and/or trained personnel responsible for the operation and maintenance of the equipment.

CONTROL SOFTWARE AND INTERFACE: Cypcut Last Version Included. Through a delicate and algorithmic own adaptation, our software uses Bezier's algorithmic curve to help to delineate vector edges in motion, while the speed increases it gets better curving within the range that is working. This algorithm can also avoid incineration or " burning" of material during the cutting process allowing to have a smoother finish on the cut pieces. This software is compatible with a large variety of design programs (Such as Corel Draw. Illustrator, Photoshop, Autocad, and more).

COMPATIBLE FILE FORMAT: Supports almost all the design and picture formats such as, bmp, gif, jpg, ai, oux, cut, dsb, dst, dxf, emd, nc, out, plt, smc and more.

AUTO COLLIMATOR " FOR AUTOMATIC CALIBRATION: Our FC series incorporates a self-calibration system that reduces setup times and maintenance. Aligns the laser beam precisely.

ELECTRONIC WATER CHILLER UNIT (Included): The electronic water chiller helps to regulate the laser tube temperature while in operation by keeping the water at room temperature. This is a highly efficient unit that requires minimum maintains. (Ask your advisor if included with your system).

3KW FUME EXTRACTION SYSTEM (Included): Various materials release small amounts of fumes and gases in the engraving or cutting process. To extract these fumes and gases, our CAMFive comes equipped with an exhaust system and 12 feet (4 meters) of flexible ventilation duct tubing to be installed when the machine is being operated inside a small and enclosed area. (Ask your advisor if included with your system).

MANUALS AND INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEOS: An Installation, Operation, and Maintenance Manuals and instructional videos that contains clear explanations of the Installation process and the usage of the software, the control panel, and other features. (For machines only).

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Our FC Series is exclusively designed to cut metals at an incredible speed and accuracy, it will allow you to have the cleanest cuts and unimaginable detail, it is almost impossible to achieve these results with any other metal cutting machine. It requires air, oxygen, or nitrogen assistance, depending on your needs, the machine already comes fully equipped with systems to support all 3 consumables.

The thickness and the cutting speed specified in this table are just a reference. They may change depending on the material Brand and hardness.



Laser Type High-Performance Fiber Optic Laser Source (Specially Designed for Metal Cutting).
Laser Power IPG or Raycus 1000W to 6000W Laser Source 
Working Area 13' x 6' ft (4.0 x 2.0 mts). 
Work Table Type Metal Cutting Worktable - Strong Frame Design
Machine Weight 9900 pounds
Frame Design Open Bed with a full sheet capacity
Machine Dimensions Length: 190", Height: 73", Width: 100".
Driving System 2-phase high-precision Japanese Servo motor and driver
Speed and Structure Max. Acceleration 1.0G to 1.5G.
Lubrication System Automatic (Included)
Control Software Cypcut Last Version (included) for vectors and graphics processing.
Graphics Format Supported CAD, DFX, and more
Vector format supported ai, cut, dsb, dst, dxf, nc, oux, out, plt, smc, yln, ymd, saw, dat.
Connection Port USB (Wireless Options Available).
Working Voltage 220V machine / 380V or 440V the laser source - 60 Ghz.
Power Consumption 6KW to 11 KW depending of the laser source
Operation Temperature 35 °F- 77 °F
Operating humidity 5 - 95% Non-condensing.
Manuals Installation, Operation, and Maintenance (Digital file or printed).
Warranty  Laser Source Warranty: 2-YEAR for 2000W, 3000W, 4000W, and 6000W, 1-YEAR for 1500W, body Machine, electronic and mechanical parts. The warranty doesn't include consumables, labor, or travel expenses.


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