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  1. What is the best laser cutter or engraver for my workshop or factory?

    A laser cutter and/or engraver is the best machine available in the industry to make or optimize many tasks and applications. While it is true, depending on the material, there are several other technologies available that compete in cutting and engraving, our laser machines stand out for the many advantages they...

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  2. Taking Care of your Laser Machine in the winter

    The global temperature has gone down obviously int he past few weeks. If the ambient temperature is too low, it may result in water to freeze inside of the CO2 glass laser Tubes & water chillers and causes them to break. So we have to take more precautions, and in this article, we have three solutions to avoid any damages. Here are the three solutions

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  3. Focal Lenses 50mm/2-inch vs 75mm/3 inch

    Even though Laser machines are versatile and can work on a wide variety of materials and surfaces, sometimes the extra help of a different lens can make a difference between a “good enough job” and an amazing job.  There are several types of lenses with similar results in some materials but we will only compare the 2” FL (Focal Length) also known as 50mm vs. the 3” FL (Focal Length) also known as a 75mm.

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  4. Designing Software for Laser Machines: CorelDraw

    Nowadays most laser systems have some basic designing tools built-in, these tools allow you to do some basic drawing and designing but if you plan to modify a file or design from scratch you will need designing software like CorelDraw, Illustrator, AutoCAD, etc. These are only 3 among many others but we will talk about CorelDraw because it seems to be, for some reason, the most compatible with the laser systems.

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  5. Engraving with Air Assist

    Laser Engraving is a lot of fun to do, from wood to leather, acrylic, paper stock and fabric laser engraving can make a simple item outstand a crowd. For example, you could engrave a cool logo on your laptop or name on your cell phone, or you could also engrave your family crest on your kitchen cabinets and so much more.  By personalizing and creating unique items can make their value increase exponentially.

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  6. Cutting with Air assist

    One of the main functions of the Air Assist is to help prevent the ignition of fire while cutting, especially if you are cutting easily flammable materials such as paper, cardboard, acrylic, fabric and many more. The air assist will blow the flames that may ignite on the surface but not onto the back of the material. Even though the air assist is a key component to prevent the ignition of fire it will never replace the supervision of a trained operator.

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  7. Bounce Back. Marks in the back of the material…?

    It is most likely the laser beam bouncing back onto the material; a while ago (and still now) many manufacturers built their lasers with the worktable as a platform. They had few holes for only fume extraction, these platforms provided stability and strength when placing heavy material, however when cutting plywood or acrylic, the laser beam bounced onto the back of the material, leaving ugly marks behind it.

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